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We offer a complete integrated solution - supply chain management, leading edge technology and the most comprehensive distribution network available.

Increase your productivity and efficiency:

With an outsourced supply chain, we free you to focus on your core business activities and reduce or eliminate your capital investment in non-core areas such as equipment and facilities.

Enjoy certainty and reliability:
GITGSCL  will work to defined service levels to improve your entire supply chain.

Our work is fast, accurate and detailed:
A professional and progressive company, with the will and desire to meet and exceed the demands of our customers.

GIT Contract Logistics will respond:
Dedicated support personnel and regular service reviews ensure that our services continue to provide the best solution for your business needs. We’ll adapt as you grow.

Service Offerings

GIT Contract Logistics works alongside its customers to tailor a range of flexible value-added services to meet specific business needs. A number of diverse solutions are currently in place, your requirements may include one or a host of the following components:

  • Ocean services include:
  • Order fulfillment, including pick and pack
  • Distribution of orders throughout US and the world
  • Product warehousing in secure, best practice facilities,24/7
  • Inventory control, including stocktaking and reordering
  • Specialized services, including product quality assurance, assembly and installation, repair and invoicing
  • Import/export documentation
  • Packaging, ticketing and labeling for specific needs
  • Logistics consulting and facilities management

In addition to the services of Contract Logistics, consider the extensive and complementary services of our partner businesses CourierPost and Pace. Together we can bring you a complete solution to suit.


GITGSCL can manage a wide range of goods and services on behalf of a client base operating in a diverse range of markets, some of which include:

  • Toys
  • Books/publishing/magazines
  • Electrical/computing
  • Consumables
  • Automotive
  • Music/videos/DVDs/gaming
  • Footwear/apparel
  • Health food consumables
  • Electronics

We offer our customers the ability to outsource not only their distribution and warehousing functions, but also supply chain management and support services.